Engaging Twitter Followers. Pop some questions!

The more interaction you have on Twitter, the greater your reach and influence. Discover more on how to increase your followers here.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 10,000 followers. you still need to engage them or drive them through to your website or landing page.Twitter Interaction increase twitter followers

  • Tweet to your new followers. It can be a welcome tweet, a question about what they do, their favourite digital campaign or something unrelated.
  • Follow Friday ##FF is a great little feature to get the attention of people who are not yet following you back. It encourages people to follow you and is often retweeted by those you tweet it to. This expands the reach of your tweet.
  • Throwback Thursday #TT is another way to interact with users on Twitter. I’ve used this to talk about my favourite old marketing campaigns, or old piece of technology in keeping with a digital marketing theme.
  • Retweet relevant tweets to your followers. Now you are following some influencers and people who share similar interests, you should have an abundance of content to retweet to your network.
  • Post relevant news articles. If you know you are following people who you think the news will interest, include them in the tweet i.e. How to increase your Twitter followers 1800% @hannaleerink @johnsmith @tobyjones.
  • Jump in conversations. In your newsfeed reply to Tweets you see that either come from your followers or those your followers are retweeting or commenting on. You can also use the search functionality in Twitter to seek out specific conversations.

Good luck. I just gained 4 followers in the time it took me to write this. Why not Follow me on Twitter and let me know if you found me from this article!


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