Data Capture. As exciting as it sounds.

If you are aiming to generate leads from your website, there is little point in having a brilliant layout and captivating content if you’ve not thought about how you’re going to capture your leads from the net (pardon the pun).

Put another way, would you use a broken net to go fishing? Well, perhaps if you’re an animal activist but then what are you doing standing there with that fish?

Data capture internet
The answer is data capture forms. They make it easier for people to obtain the information they’re looking for, as opposed to calling and then waiting to be sent it. They also ensure you can accurately capture your visitors’ data, which can in turn be qualified, added to a sales pipeline and nurtured along the sales funnel.

What stuff can you put behind a form?

Any content that is compelling and valuable to your customer should ideally be made available behind a form. That includes product information and exclusive insights. For example, perhaps you’ve collaborated with a leading publication or governing body to produce an industry report which details key insights for the next 12-18 months. Or you’ve just interviewed the ‘Richard Branson’ of your industry and he’s telling you what his winning strategies are.

This kind of content is really effective for industries that are information-led and keen to learn. For example, I worked on a procurement product aimed towards financial services professionals a few years ago. The web pages that featured content saw a 31% lower bounce rate than those that didn’t. This was because this is an audience big on learning and self development.

How can you tell if it’s working?

First of all, make sure your leads are being fed into a CRM system and there’s a way of tracking their progression through the sales funnel. Keep an eye on how your lead generation efforts from forms impact your results. Factors you could look at include:

  • Downloads – You can look at whether there is a particular type of content i.e. brochure, industry report, video, interview that works. Or whether there is a particular theme that is gaining more traction than others. Experiment with different landing pages to see what works. If you’re a small business, Unbounce is brilliant because it allows you to build and publish landing pages without IT for free.
  • Conversions – What percentage of your inbound leads go on to convert into customers?
  • Traffic and Bounce Rate – The number of visitors you get to
  • Bounce rate
  • Traceable call to actions
  • Heat maps



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