How I increased my Twitter followers by 1800%

I’m going to hold my hands up here and say I didn’t really actively use Twitter 2 months ago.

As as marketer that’s obviously embarrassing.

Flash back to Christmas 2013, one eye on Eastenders, the other on Twitter, I set about getting up to speed with the power of this blue bird so I could understand how to use it in work.

Fast forward to March 12th and here I am writing my next post about how I’ve jumped from 78 to 1,500 quality followers in just over 2 months.

Not just that, but off my own back. No fake followers, no buying them from someone.

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Here’s how I did it


  • Relevance. Stick to a relevant subject. It’s better to make a big noise in a small space than make a small noise in a big space. For me this was B2B marketing. Originally in the events space and then to full service B2B marketing after realising the former was a bit too narrow for what I wanted to achieve.
  • Follow people you know. For me this was people in my professional network. Also invite your network to follow you on Twitter. I gained about 30 new followers in the early stages from my LinkedIn network.
  • Follow influencers. A Google search of ‘top B2B marketing influencers on Twitter’ will yield plenty of results for you to get started. You can also identify the top influencers by looking at their engagement and followers. Pro Blogger offers an comprehensive overview about this.
  • Follow your follower’s followers. It really works. My work mate and her pod pal challenged each other to see who could get the most followers on Twitter by the end of the week. They cited this as the reason for increasing their followers.
  • Follow people who follow you (but only if they don’t meet the criteria in my next point!).
  • Maintain the quality of your followers by having a regular spring clean. There’s some rubbish out there and if 60% of your followers are spammers or not at all relevant, question what value it adds. I’ve done this about 300 times. So whilst my following could be much higher at the time of writing, the quality would not be as high.
  • Search by keyword. For example a search of ‘digital marketing agency London’ will give you 1000+ results of people who have these words in their bio. You can also search for what people are talking about using #hashtags. Be careful not to follow in bulk. Twitter recognises this as Spam. #Overkill. Keep quality front of mind when you are building your followers.

Once you’ve established a strong following, the next step is interaction through tweets and engaging your followers.



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