5 Reasons Looks Are Important. On Websites Anyway

There are some websites that make you curl back in horror. And others you can almost hear the heavenly chorus of angels sing as it flows onto your screen. So when it comes to websites I’m unapologetically superficial.

As well as having an effective  layout, websites with compelling visuals and media typically see higher amounts of time spent onsite and lower bounce rates than those without.

Here’s 5 ways a good looking website will benefit you:


Using videos on a website can boost conversions by 86%. Sharing them on social media gets you 267% more likes than normal posts. The Kooples Couples feature of their website make great use of a video based on real consumers to bring the campaign to life.

video, websites, marketing

The Kooples – Effectively using media on their website

Personality and Learning Styles

Your visitors all have their different personality and learning styles. In fact, 65% of visitors are visual learners.

Given that visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text, presenting information this way helps get your point across quickly. It’s also great for overcoming language barriers if you’ve got an international audience and don’t have budget for a dual-language website.

I used to work on Vitafoods Europe, an awesome annual nutraceuticals event that attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors from around the world. What I love about their ‘who visits‘ page of the website is how they’ve combined a tonne of audience demographics into one beautifully succinct page:

visuals, website, marketing

Vitafoods Europe – Using visuals for impact


The brain recognises certain shapes. We’ve all been there, mistaking that hosepipe for a snake as we relax next to the swimming pool on our hols. No? Just me then. But when the brain sees something different that it expects, it takes note. For example, if your website design is mostly made up of rounded shapes, then using a square box to highlight important information will help it stand out.

Cancer Research do this really nicely in their ‘Donate’ box which contrasts again their other call to actions in the blue circles.

websites, shapes

Using different shapes to highlight important information


The same effect from using different shapes, different colours help to make important information stand out. For example, if you have a predominantly blue website, use orange for text or images to make them stand out. This is because these colours are opposite to each other in the colour wheel. Use sparingly for maximum impact.


Use colours opposite to each other on the colour wheel to create contrasts


Depending on the type of website you’re running, there’s an abundance of images to make information stand out and encourage your website visitors through the customer funnel. They include pie charts, photos, tag clouds, testimonials, industry statistics, flags, customer profiles, market drives, buttons and banners.

New Scientist makes great use of images to grab visitors’ attention which encourages them to explore different areas of the website.

websites, images, marketing

No need to call a search party. I’m just off to read the New Scientist

What websites have you seen you think are good? Or equally, shockingly bad? I’d love to hear what you think.


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