Haribo Starmix Ad. Why I love it so


Is your normal routine for TV ads to flip between your iPhone and laptop? Possibly wash up if you can be bothered? Mine too.

Rarely do I actually stop to watch an advert, let alone go on YouTube to watch it again. Because of course it gets even funnier when you watch it for the second, third, fourth, more times than I care to admit times.

The Haribo Starmix ad is one of them. The spot was created by Trevor Robinson and Mary-Sue Masson of Quietstorm.

Directed by Masson, it depicts a room of business people in suits discussing why they like Haribo Starmix. Their voices are replaced by children’s voices describing the sweets. It’s unclear whether these are taken from real examples of children talking about Haribo Starmix, or intentional.

Either way, it’s unexpected, funny and memorable.

More than that, they use humour to give out a message that Haribo HQ really do ‘get’ their consumers. How often do you see senior management failing at this because they are too far removed from their end-users?

This advert captures that direct link between the business and consumer. Quite clever for something so simple.

What’s more, by giving the impression we are all kids at heart, I suspect Quietstorm have successfully appealed to more than one consumer group.

Where else has it worked?

Another ad that stands out for similar reasons the Triple Velvet ‘trees’ campaign produced by Fallon.

Watch as this child MD pushes the message that trees are replaced for each one of its uses.

Once again, there’s the link between the business and its stakeholders. This time using social responsibility to appeal to consumers and humour to deliver a powerful message about the environment and future generations.

What can we learn from it?

Three key elements to consider when you’re creating your own campaign are to make it:

  • Unexpected
  • Memorable
  • Use humour (consider your target market before going with this one).

Now for the dishes…


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